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Milky Makers was founded and formulated by a registered lactation nurse from the Netherlands.
The founder realized the majority of mothers struggle with their breastmilk supply, nursing, and experience pain while feeding. The Milky Makers founder took matters into her own hands and was determined to make a change. This is when she decided to dive into finding a solution for breastfeeding mamas. After many research years of trial and error, the founder formulated the perfect solution. By applying her lactation knowledge and simultaneously pursuing her passion for baking, the lactation nurse formulated milk-making treats and was delighted by the amazing results. 

Milky Makers was born. The lactation treats increased mothers' milk supply and gave mothers hope. The positive feedback resulted in delicious treats that include Lactation Cookies and Brownies. All treats are made with natural ingredients and are healthy for both mamas and babies. Over the past years, hundreds of thousands of mamas find joy in the tasty wonder treats, the community advice, and the breastfeeding support system. The Milky Makers community was established. 

Milky Makers' mission is to help every mother in their breastfeeding journey. With the community support, professional advice, and the lactation treats, all mamas can now find support in Milky Makers in their breastfeeding journey.

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