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What eye color will my baby have?

Are you that type of mama that is trying to guess your baby’s eye color? 👀

Join the club mama, we just can’t help it. We love to predict who our baby will look like … 👶🏼

Does my baby have my eyes 👁️ and their father’s hair. Will he/she be tall or short? It’s everyone’s favorite game!

Did you know:

It can take about a year for your baby’s eyes color to come in. In some cases, your baby’s eye color can change continue for several years to come.

You can’t really predict your baby’s eye color by just looking at your own color and your partner’s eye color. However sometimes your prediction may come true.

In the end it’s all a game of genetics.

So here are a few ways to look at it:

1️⃣ If you and your partner both have blue eyes, baby is highly likely to have blue eyes.

2️⃣ If you and your partner both have brown eyes, baby is highly likely to have brown eyes.

3️⃣ If one of your baby’s grandparents have blue eyes, baby’s chances of having blue eyes is higher.

4️⃣ If you have blue eyes and your partner brown or vice-versa, baby’s odds are about even for either eye color.

What eye color do you👩🏻‍💼and your partner👨‍💼have and what is your👶🏼baby’s eye color?


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